Saturday, July 30, 2011

So Much Cooler in Anime

      The creators of Supernatural were able to construct an animated world in which there were no boundaries. This new look into Supernatural brings new perspective to the show. From adding color, intensity and action to scenes, to vivid images of horrifying demons, the medium does not disappoint.

       I've been a huge fan of the 'real' Supernatural show for a long time but the anime really gives the show a new perspective without changing the basic story. 

I actually think it's amazing how just changing your perspective of something can change something entirely. I did it in my marriage once and the results were amazing. Now that I think about it, if my life was made into a movie I'd want it to be Anime. A - I'd be really hot (all the chicks in anime are) B - My life would be so much cooler in cartoon! I think Supernatural is a great show either way! I like to watch both for different reasons.

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So Much Cooler in Anime

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