Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hummus Recipe and Recipe Hop

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I can eat hummus by the gallons! I love it with vegetables, pita, chips, spoonfuls by itself.... you get the picture!
I like my hummus better than store bought too.
Here is a general recipe, I always taste it and adjust.

1 can of Garbanzo beans (chick peas) drain it and save the juice in another bowl.
1 clove of garlic cut up
3 tbs of lemon juice (at least)
1 tsp salt

Put bean juice in blender with garlic, lemon juice, and salt - Blend and taste. Change accordingly.
Add beans and blend again. Taste it, if you like it it's ready to eat!

Easy huh?
Now for the recipe hop.
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Hummus Recipe and Recipe Hop

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