Friday, March 12, 2010

How long does your makeup last?

Do you own that lipstick that can only be worn around Christmas because any other time you look like a working girl? Or own an eyeshadow you hardly wear but can't bring yourself to throw away because the color has been discontinued?

Well, did you know that old makeup can harbor harmful bacteria,
yeast, and fungi that grow on their surface and transfer to you when you use it?

How long does makeup last?
Here are some general guide lines....

1. Lipstick is good 1 - 2 years so you can get 2 Christmas' out of that lipstick.

2. Mascara needs to be changed out every 4 months and it isn't good to share.

3. Nail Polish is good for about a year unless you put it in the fridge then it lasts much longer.

4. Lip liner & eye liner are good for up to 3yrs but make sure you are sharpening them often.

5. Foundation is goof for about a year but if it starts to lose it's consistency before then throw it away.

6. Eyeshadow is good for up to 3 yrs.

7. Facial creams and gel cleansers are good for a year.

If you are like me, you have piles of makeup and facial creams you get to go through now and throw some away.

Now when you buy new makeup, you can write the date you bought
it on the label to help you know when to throw it away and buy new.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have Kid, Will Travel

My three younger kids and I were in New Orleans last week. It’s one of our favorite spots to visit—definitely one of my favorite cities of all time. As we strolled the French Quarter, I caught several raised eyebrows and curious glances. I was reminded of another trip to the city, when a woman standing behind us in line at a restaurant asked me why on earth I would bring my children with me to New Orleans.

I was really taken aback. I think I stammered something about the historical aspect of the city, about being careful not to take the children to any questionable spots. But the more I thought about it, the more this bothered me.

Taking my kids with me on trips is one of the great joys of my life. Being able to experience new places together or to see old familiar spots through their eyes is incredible. I love to hear what they’re seeing and listen to their perspective on what we’re doing.

As I told that woman years ago, I’m not stupid about this. When we’re in New Orleans, for example, I don’t walk down Bourbon Street at 11 o’clock at night with my kids in tow. Believe me, they’d get a totally different kind of education if I did that! But we also try to do more than just the typical tourist activities. Our trips are an equal part fun and education, and if I’m doing my job, none of us can really tell where one ends and the other begins.

Traveling with children also exposes them to different people. In our normal daily life, my kids don’t necessarily see many street performers or sidewalk artists. But in New Orleans, this is part of life, and it sparks conversation about what kind of life that might be. It makes us all more aware of our own blessings and appreciative of the passion for their art that most of these performers have.

I know that by taking my children along, I’m creating in them a love for traveling and a thirst for adventure! My kids are almost always ready to jump in the car and drive away on a trip. They’ve become quite good at all the preparations now, so that I don’t have to do nearly as much as I used to as we get ready to go. They’re smart about packing, preparing and patience. And we always have a wonderful time discussing our favorite parts of the trip, what we learned, what surprised us and what we’ll never forget.

My parents took my sister and me almost everywhere with them, and I am happy to be able to carry on the tradition with my own four. Yes, it requires a little more patience. And if you have small children, vacation might not mean sleeping in each day. But I promise you, the days you spend traveling with your kids are priceless. You’ll never regret a trip like that.

So grab your maps and your suitcases and the kids and start to plan it—where will your next adventure take you and your children?

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Tawdra Kandle is stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of four children who range in age from 9 years to almost 21 years. She and her husband of over 22 years live in central Florida, where he is in seminary. Tawdra spends most of her precious free time writing and reading, and she loves to travel.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Giveaways Galore

Here is our Weekly Linky. I'm asking other Bloggers to put there Giveaways here for my readers. They will go in Monday's newsletter!
I'll be signing up them all of them, I hope you will too! I won 3 last week!

Ten Tips that Will Change How You Look and Feel About Beauty

Ten Tips that Will Change How You Look and Feel About Beauty
By Vivian Diller Ph.D. with Jill Muir-Sukenick Ph.D., edited by Michele Willens,
Authors of Face It: What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change

Face it: there is no magic solution to aging with grace and dignity. Having just written a book offering guidance to millions of women who feel trapped by conflicting feelings, we think we are on to something. We have found satisfying, long term solutions that help us deal with a culture that virtually programs women to have a crisis over their aging appearance. We were once professional models, so we were made acutely aware how quickly a premium on physical beauty can fade with age. It took hard work and time, but we learned the secret of how to enjoy our changing appearance. Now we are therapists treating hundreds of women who may be fulfilled and evolved in many ways, but are still having difficulty coming to terms with the lines of time. Here are some great psychological tips we tell women to "think" about that help them change the way they "feel" and "look." They worked for us. They can work for you!

1) Beauty is not just a physical experience, but a psychological one as well. We all tend to think of beauty as a skin-deep issue, all about how we physically look. But research tells us that perception of what is deemed attractive and unattractive is much more complicated. Why do you think some beautiful women say, "I've never thought I was pretty"? Yes, even beauties like Uma Thurman and Michelle Pfeiffer have drawn attention to what they consider flaws. Similarly, there are women who may not be your typical image of beauty, yet when you ask them they say they are quite confident in their looks. Serena Williams never tries to cover up her unconventionally muscular physique: in fact, she flaunts it and somehow it makes her more appealing. What makes people feel attractive goes well beyond our physical self. It runs deep, much deeper than the eye can see.

2) Although we can't stop the physical changes of aging, we can change our experience of aging. No one, not any doctor, dermatologist or surgeon can stop physical changes of aging. There may be ways to look better, take care of your skin and bodies that put things temporarily on hold, at least on the surface. We're all for that! We're also for ways we can experience -- and even enjoy -- our changing looks. If we take care of ourselves, it makes us feel better and we smile more. When we smile, we look more attractive. The sooner we go through an interior process, (we offer six steps in our book) the better you will feel inside and out.

3) While aging is inevitable and irreversible, self-image is not. Self-image can be fluid and timeless. Self-image is not an actual still picture of oneself. It is an internal experience, how we see ourselves from within, over time throughout our lives. It's flexible and malleable. And if we understand that self image is changeable, then that is what we try to help women conquer. Not age itself. That's a battle we can't win.

4) Beauty is in the "I" of the beholder. If we become our own internal "eye," we can take control over how we see ourselves, rather than give it over to other people to determine if we're attractive or not. Our six steps serve to change the internal lens through which we see, not only ourselves, but others as well. The result? Women will be less self critical and less critical of each other.

5) Chronological age does not have to define you. You can define yourself at your chronological age. A particular age has little to do with how old you feel. You can define how you want to be 40, 50 and onward. We also don't have to let magazine images define what is beautiful. Some women in their 20's feel old. Some women in their 60's feel young.

6) Put your beauty in your identity, not your identity in your beauty. Your identity is made up of many aspects of yourself. How you look is just one of them. As you get older, more aspects of yourself can make up your identity; for example, your experiences in life, your accomplishments and your relationships. If you hold onto youthful beauty as a narrow definition of yourself, you're especially unlikely to enjoy your looks as you age. You leave out so many other ways to feel good about yourself.

7) Take an honest look at who you are, not what you look like. Mirrors tell only a little of what we really look like. Gaze again and go beyond, past your reflection and see who you are as a person. Think of what you see as only the image of yourself, that informs the world of your physical self. But who you are is more than what they see.

8) Rob beauty of its power over you. Take back that power and you will feel more beautiful. Our culture has given beauty power over women. We are told who and what is beautiful. We know that youth is beautiful. Most people see babies as beautiful. But grandmothers can be beautiful as well. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are those who smile, engage and appear happy at any age. If you take back the power of what makes you feel attractive, you will become more attractive to yourself and others.

9) Become less afraid of aging and you will look more beautiful. When you see a face that is scared, you would hardly call it beautiful. There is nothing pretty about fear. Women need to accept that aging happens and that becoming more courageous about all aspects of our lives will enhance them . . . and us.

10) Beauty matters to all women, but to those who age beautifully, it matters neither too much nor too little. We all know that a core aspect of our identities is our appearance. No doubt our looks matter. But women who allow beauty to matter, but keep it in balance with all other aspects of their lives, can enjoy their looks at any age.

Bottom line: Dealing with your looks as they inevitably change is a psychological process as well as a physical challenge. Master the first and the second will come with much more joy. When it comes to your face, your body and your aging process, be smart, be thoughtful and you'll be more beautiful.
© 2010 Vivian Diller Ph.D. with Jill Muir-Sukenick Ph.D., edited by Michele Willens, authors of Face It: What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change

Author Bios
FACE IT: What Women Really Feel As Their Looks Change by Vivian Diller, Ph.D, with Jill Muir-Sukenick, Ph.D. and edited by Michele Willens is a psychological guide to help women deal with the emotions brought on by their changing appearances. As models turned psychotherapists, Diller and Sukenick have had the opportunity to examine the world of beauty from two very different vantage points. This unique perspective helped them develop a six-step program that begins with recognizing "uh-oh" moments that reveal the reality of changing looks, goes on to identify the masks used to cover deeper issues, defines the role beauty plays in a woman's life, and ends with bidding adieu to old definitions of beauty so women can enjoy their appearance -- at any age!

For more information on the book, authors, and events, please visit or visit their fan page on Facebook.

Monday, March 8, 2010

To Sin with a Scoundrel Giveaway & Blog Tour!

A reclusive widow known for her scientific scholarship, Lady Ciara Sheffield is shadowed by rumors that she poisoned her husband . . . A rakehell rogue notorious for his devil-may-care antics, Lucas Bingham--the Earl of Hadley--is not accused of murdering anything--save
for the rules of Polite Society. The only thing they have in common is
seeing their names featured in the lurid gossip columns of London's
newspapers. Until an ancient manuscript draws them together.

Ciara needs a titled fiancé to quell the slanderous speculations which may
send her to the gallows. Lucas needs brilliant scholar to help his
elderly uncle decipher the secrets of the mysterious manuscript. So
when her friends urge her to accept the earl's proposal of a temporary
alliance, Ciara decides that she has no choice but to make a deal with
the Devil. And so begins a seductive dance of sinful pleasures and
hidden desires as the two of them waltz through the mansions of
Mayfair. Lies, intrigue, treachery, sex. They find themselves facing
slanderous whispers, unscrupulous relatives-not to speak of their own
simmering passions, which quickly ignite into dangerous flames. It's a
potent mix and the result may be explosive-and perhaps deadly-if they
don't watch their step.

Author Website:
Author Blog @ WordWenches
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I started creating books at the age of five, or so my mother tells me. And she has the proof — a neatly penciled story, the pages lavishly illustrated with full color crayon drawings of horses and bound with staples — to back up her claim. I have since moved on from Westerns to writing about Regency England, a time and place that has captured my imagination ever since I opened the covers of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

I have a BA and an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University and now work as the creative director of a lifestyle sporting magazine, a job which lets me combine my love of the printed word with my love of art. I’m very fortunate in that my work allows me to travel to interesting destinations around the world — however, my favorite spot is London, where the funky antique markets and used book stores offer a wealth of inspiration for my stories.

Hatchette Book Group has been kind enough to allow me to giveaway up to 5 copies to my readers.
To Qualify, let me know your favorite time in history to read about.
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Horizon Organic lowfat Chocolate Milk Review & Giveaway

The newest addition to Horizon’s extensive line of dairy products is the new Horizon Organic lowfat Chocolate Milk with DHA Omega-3. Available in lowfat half gallons, this chocolate milk provides a great tasting and easy way to add calcium and DHA to your family’s diet.

What is DHA?

DHA belongs to a category of healthy fatty acids known as Omega-3s.
Found in high concentrations in the tissues of the brain and eye, DHA Omega-3 is thought to help support healthy function in these areas. Children’s brains grow incredibly fast. In fact, the brain nearly quadruples in the first five years of life.
DHA is a key structural component of the brain, yet many young children don’t get their recommended daily amount of DHA as it is found in a limited number of food sources.
DHA has also been shown to help support heart health
The review? Here our review team to tell you

It’s no secret – kids love the taste of flavored milk!

As I expected, my girls loved this chocolate milk. Thick and creamy, it’s SO much better than adding chocolate syrup to regular milk!
According to 2005 USDA data, 66% of the milk chosen by children in schools is flavored.
Flavored milk provides the same 9 essential nutrients as unflavored milk (calcium, potassium, phosphorous, protein, vitamins A, D, B12, Riboflavin and niacin), and can help kids meet their calcium requirements.
Flavored milk consumers did not have higher total fat or calorie intakes than non milk consumers.

And adults do, too!

A 2006 study showed that low fat milk was as effective at post-exercise rehydration as sports drinks.
Because of the natural carb:pro ratio in flavored milks, low fat chocolate milk is an effective post-exercise recovery beverage.
Consuming carbohydrate and protein post workout has been shown to:
Enhance muscle glycogen formation.
Promote a hormonal environment that encourages muscle growth.
May lessen immune-suppressive effects due of intense exercise.
Horizon Organic Milk Plus DHA Omega-3 is fortified with a natural, 100% vegetarian and sustainable source of DHA – a safe, wholesome, delicious way to bring more of this important nutrient into your family’s diet. Visit to learn more!

Horizon Organic Milk Plus DHA Omega-3 is fortified with a natural, 100% vegetarian and sustainable source of DHA – a safe, wholesome, delicious way to bring more of this important nutrient into your family’s diet. Visit to learn more!

Enter your zip code in Horizon’s Store Locator to find where to buy this and other Horizon products.
Horizon Organic provided me with the information above, as well as coupons for myself and for giveaway, all opinions are our own.

Two of my readers will each get 4 coupons – two for a free half gallon of the new Horizon Organic lowfat Chocolate Milk with DHA Omega-3 and two coupons for $1 off a half gallon of the same milk. To enter, please visit Horizon Organic’s website and leave a comment telling me what other product you’d like to try, or if you already have a favorite, you can tell me that, too.
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Guest post by Author Kim Crouch - TAKE TIME FOR MOMMY


Let’s face it. Women have taken on every role society has to offer. There has not been a time when we have said no to a challenge. The plight of women in modern society could be described as the evolution of the superwoman. This is particularly true of those of us with kids.

We are mothers, teachers, doctors, wives, sisters, actresses, musicians, directors and everything in between. There is no doubt that we are physically capable. As we have expanded our roles in society, we need to do more to consider our personal growth and development because the truth is we have mastered the complex but neglected the simple. We spend so much energy on the outside world that no energy remains for our own spirit. Even with all our material possessions, we realize something is missing.

I’ve seen so many of us striving hard to complete one goal after the next whether it’s paying the rent of closing the million dollar deal-that we have become experts at completing tasks. Upon completion, we ask, “what’s next?” Somewhere in this process we find that we are missing our sense of self. We find ourselves saying if I won the lottery I would… When the kids grow up… or even “I can’t wait until the weekend.” We are so consumed with deadlines and obligations that we long for a time when we allow ourselves to live.

When we reach this point, many of us can’t believe the time we’ve spent putting ourselves and our spirits on hold. The bottom line is no set of instructions can help you regain your spirit, but there are things you can do. Learning to love, live and express yourself everyday is a matter of choice. Don’t be afraid to take time for mommy and to enjoy yourself and your life right now. After all, you can’t ever replace today so make the most of it. Your kids will appreciate it, your mate will appreciate it and most importantly you will appreciate it!

Kim Crouch is the author of Mother To Son: Words of Wisdom, Inspiration and Hope for Today’s Young African-American Men. She blogs about parenting issues at and is an attorney, author and married mom of 3 boys.
Mother To Son

For all mothers who have heard the adage that mothers raise their daughters but love their sons, comes a powerfully written book Mother To Son that shows that mothers do more than just love their sons. The book offers candid advice for mothers to provide their sons on the issues they may face from racism to self-recognition to navigating the American maze and concept of beauty.



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