Thursday, May 31, 2012

I need another laptop!

As a blogger I have to say I go through a lot of computers. I have computers for different things too. One for graphics, one for the girls' school work and to blog from. I also have a laptop so I can blog while I sit with the family. I recently got my laptop and I'm not incredibly happy with it. I thought I wanted something small but I do soooo much work on it I wish I would have gotten something bigger.

I do a lot of work from my phone too when I'm out and about but if that isn't slow, annoying, and bad for my eyes I don't know what it! I need another laptop, one that is BIGGER!!!.

I have two Dell tower desk tops and will probably get another Dell for my laptop. I've been searching laptops for sale online to find the exact one I want and to compare prices. I know I want a larger screen and probably get something cute like a fun red or green color. Then I can pass my other laptop down to the kiddos it's the perfect size for them. Thankfully when I get another laptop it will be a write off for my business!

We've actually been a rather lo-tech family until recently. Now we have several computers, kindles, and fancy phones. It’s a necessity for us now with my business and it has helped my husband’s business too. How many computers do you have?



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