Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eco-Friendly Etsy Finds

I love the idea of taking old items and making them into something brand new and use able. By reusing items you save money, reduce waste and it's doing something positive for the enviroment since these items won't end up in the land fill.
Here are some great shops I found that have done just that. They are "Upcycling" and have some really awesome gift giving ideas.
1. The first is Dr. Craze's shop with the Wine Wedge pictured to the left. All of their items are made from at least 50% reycled materials and most of the exposed glass items was collected from their local beach. This awsome wine wedge is only $25!
2. Next I came across V. On'Neill's Unique Fiber & Mixed Media Art Design shop. Reused Christmas Cards were made into these adorable little Tags. Only $6 for 25 die-cut and hand assembled tags.
3. I LOVE these recycled Scrabble tiles, they are actually easy to make if you can get your hands on the tiles. I found this beautiful "I Believe, Santa tile" at Jesse Jane's Shop. She has an array of different tiles for moms, teens, co-workers etc... they make very affordable gifts (Only $5.50 each!) and she offeres free shipping worldwide!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Our Freebie Queen LaQuita found these great freebies for us!
Free Hello Kitty Printable Calendar 2010
Sign up for Hello Kitty's Sweet Happy News! and enjoy downloading this awesome 2010 calendar for your little princesses HERE
Free Kids and Nutrition Book
So a couple weeks ago we talked about Kids and Nutrition on the Everydaymoms Webshow. I ran across a freebie from The Cancer Project. They are giving away a booklet full of recipes and more on how to get your kids to eat a bit healthier.You can order yours HERE
Being Girl Sample Kit
Have a pre/teenage girl? This kit is perfect for her. The people at Being Girl is giving away this kit for young girls.Click HERE to order your kit FOR US RESIDENTS ONLY
Free Sunmaid Recipe Booklet!
Another free recipe book. This time from Sunmaid.Sun-Maid and Gooseberry Patch have teamed up to create a collection of 30 all-time Family Favorite Recipes that include Classic Raisin Oatmeal Cookies, Waldorf Stuffing, and Fruity Coleslaw.Books are only for US Residence, but for the rest of us we can still get it by downloading it on our compy's too!To Order or Download the book click HERE
LaQuita Bergeron is a mother of two beautiful spoiled children. She is a stay at home mom that works from home as a transcriber. She is also the owner of EveryDayMoms Social Network. I also call her our Freebie Queen! For more Great Freebies visit her site!

Tons of Free Music

Free Music
By: LaQuita Bergeron

Sargent House Sampler
by Various Artists

I really enjoyed this album. Before I downloaded it I made sure I at least loved most of the songs and my favorite so far is track number five, Chinchilla by This Town Needs Guns. Don’t let the name of the band scare you away, this song is a must have. I also added to my playlist track ten, David’s Birthday by Love You Moon. I don’t know what it is, but this song is just so catchy. Enjoy!

The O'Neill Brothers Wedding Music

Enjoy a free album from Amazon. This would be good for someone you know planning a wedding, your anniversary or just spending that quality time with the hubby. Here is the link. Enjoy!

The B.Reith EP (Album Sampler Four Songs)
by B.Reith

I’ve never hear of this artist before now and I absolutely love him. I’ve been into the folk/ acoustic music lately and this just topped my playlist. It’s four songs, but four songs that are amazing and you’ll be singing for days. They’re upbeat songs that just makes you smile and want to have a good day no matter how bad your day is going. Enjoy!

Highschool Hoodlums (single)
by The Datsuns

This song reminded me of a mixture of music from the 80’s and 90’s put into one. (LOL)
I enjoyed it and I think you will too. You might even get your teens to enjoy it as well. I know my daughter and son have been dancing around the house when this song comes on. I’ve been testing out so many songs, this one made it to the list for sure when I got my hubby to dance with me and the kids while we were listening to this cooking dinner. Enjoy!

LaQuita Bergeron is a mother of two beautiful spoiled children. She is a stay at home mom that works from home as a transcriber. She is also the owner of EveryDayMoms Social Network. I also call her our Freebie Queen!

Living in the Now

Living in the Now

by Tawdra Kandle

From the moment that the pregnancy test comes back positive, or the agency calls to say that your baby is on the way. . however it is that we become parents, we begin with an incredible sense of anticipation that never really goes away. We’re waiting for the first kick, the first maternity clothes. . .and after the birth, for each and every milestone along the way. We’re constantly looking forward to that next thing.

I used to live that way, always looking forward to. . .something. On Mondays, I couldn’t wait until Fridays. In the winter, I was pining for the spring. When my babies were infants, I was excited about the day when they could walk or talk. I would often think, “Once they get through this stage, life will be so much easier. . .” And yes, some things do become easier, but there are almost always new challenges to replace the old ones.

There’s nothing wrong with a little anticipation. Looking forward to a trip or a special event only adds to the joy. As a believer and follower of Christ, I live in anticipation of the fulfillment of His kingdom. But when we live only for the days to come, we’re missing out on so much.

Sometimes we choose to embrace the promise of the future because the present isn’t so great. It might even seem as though the only thing getting us through each day is the idea of what tomorrow could bring. When our babies are tiny infants, they need so much of us. It can feel as though it’s never going to end. I remember my husband saying that when our first daughter was a newborn, he thought we would never again sleep through the night, eat an uninterrupted meal or finish a conversation. I am happy to report that almost twenty-one years later, that scenario hasn’t come to pass.

It’s not easy to find the good in each day. But it’s there. It might be hiding under the noise of a crying baby or behind the face of a sulking teenager. And the longer we’re parents, the easier it is to remember in each stage that this too shall pass. . .faster than we can know.


Tawdra Kandle is stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of four children who range in age from 8 years to almost 20 years. She and her husband of nearly 22 years live in central Florida, where he is in seminary. Tawdra spends most of her precious free time writing and reading, and she loves to travel.

Princess and Fairy Children's Book Review

Princess and Fairy Children's Book Review

by Mandie Stevens

This book is beautifully illustrated and that alone drew my children to this book. They "had" to have me read it to them. The "Can you find it" articles and the Treasure hunt list with stickers made the book very interactive.

Princess is a bunny-princess. Fairy is a bunny-fairy. And tonight is the Queen’s Grand Birthday Feast! Together, the two cutest bunnies in all of Fairyland set out to find their list of pretty things—a blue silk purse, stripy pink sweets, rainbow cake, and a four-leaf clover—to bring to the queen.

This book shows your little ones that the prettiest things may be found where you least expect them and that true beaty lies within.

About the Author
Anna Pignataro has illustrated more than twenty-five books for children, four of which she also wrote. She has received a number of awards, including Australia’s Crichton Award for Children’s Book Illustration. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.


Mandie Stevens is founder of Taking Time for Mommy. She is a homeschooling mom of 2 girls. When she isn't writing she spends her time at the beach, making crafts, playing in the garden, and reading entirely too much. Her specialities are frugal and natural living.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tawdra's Couponing Adventure: Part 5 Can This Really Be A Way Of Life?

My Couponing Adventure: Part 5 Can This Really Be A Way Of Life?
by Tawdra Kandle

I took a brief break from actively pursuing my couponing while my middle daughters were in California. With two people away and my husband on a special diet, there wasn’t much need to shop for anything than fresh vegetables.

I did continue to faithfully clip and organize my coupons, and I actually used some outside the realm of the grocery store circuit. At Ulta (a cosmetic store), I took advantage of some great offers and used coupons to purchase some girly necessities, and I was able to put away a few goodies for Christmas, too-some of them for FREE!

This week I carefully jumped back into the pool. I got rid of some expired Q’s and pulled up the lists.

Incidentally, I’ve been finding coupons from other sources lately, too. When I buy any magazines, I peruse them carefully for those precious slips of paper. . .and many of the products I’ve purchased have come with great coupons enclosed, too. Love those EXTRA savings!

Yesterday I assembled lists and coupons, and today I managed to hit Publix and Target. At Publix, I simply used some Q’s that were about to expire for some cool deals. But I was pretty pleased with my Target trip.

I bought two boxes of Pop Tarts which were on sale for $2.52 each. I had .75 off coupons for each, so I paid $3.54 for both. . .AND I also received a free gallon of milk, worth $2.49. Not too shabby.

Then there was the ice cream deal. Edy’s 1.5 gallons were on sale for $2.50. I had 5 $1.00 off Q’s. . .and when I purchased 5 1.5 gallons, I also received a $5 gift card from Target. So I paid $7.50 out of pocket for 5 containers of ice cream, but when you figure in the gift card, the actual price total was $2.50. Wow!

I was really happy with my overall totals at both stores. I still have to make trips to CVS and Kmart this week.

But can this be a sustainable way of life?

I love even the little savings I’ve been seeing. I am thrilled that I have already made a meaningful start to my Christmas shopping. Even my son’s birthday shopping has been coupon-happy!

I’m planning to continue this adventure full-force. I’ve noticed that it’s getting easier the longer I do it, mostly because I’m building up my coupon supply in an organized way. I love it when a list calls for a coupon and I find it! With our new pantry, we can easily see what we’ve stockpiled.

On the other hand, I don’t know that I will ever be one of those women at the grocery store who only has to pay a few dollars for a cart load of groceries. I have to feed too many opinionated people!

I’ve also realized that I have some standards for my family’s eating that I’m not willing to sacrifice. While the experts recommend clipping ALL coupons just in case you come across a deal too good to pass up, I know there are things that my family have chosen not to eat. I chose not to clip those coupons.

Time is another big consideration. The idea of hitting multiple stores to find more of a bargain or planning to shop each and every day makes me tired. Being a homeschooling mom gives me a certain freedom, but it also bears the responsibility of managing my time wisely. So I am definitely going to stick to my shopping schedule of CVS on Sundays and Publix on Thursdays.

I realized how much I had learned over this past month when my aunt came to visit and I sat down to share some coupon tips. For the first time in my various attempts at successful couponing, I’m happy with my organization style. I haven’t tried to do bite off too much right away, and I think I can make this work.

Come to think of it, that might be the key—starting slowly and being organized. Knowing how much you can handle and not beating yourself up when you miss a sale or a coupon opportunity just might be the difference between success and failure.
So. . .have you been inspired to tackle couponing? Do you have tips or ideas? I’d love to hear them. Learning from each other is the best way to keep this coupon adventure rolling along
Tawdra Kandle is stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of four children who range in age from 8 years to almost 20 years. She and her husband of nearly 22 years live in central Florida, where he is in seminary. Tawdra spends most of her precious free time writing and reading, and she loves to travel.

Chocolate Milk: muscle recovery’s new best friend?

Chocolate Milk: muscle recovery’s new best friend?
by Carolyn Lawrence

Fitness lovers everywhere can rejoice! Low-fat chocolate milk is actually good for you and muscle recovery after a strenuous work out. So, why is low-fat chocolate milk the perfect choice for a post-work out drink? Chocolate milk contains many of the nutrients the body needs for recovery.

According to an article on the web site Medical News Today (2009), “Post-exercise consumption of low fat chocolate milk was found to provide equal or possibly superior muscle recovery compared to a high-carbohydrate recovery beverage with the same amount of calories.” This means that low fat chocolate milk can provide exercise lovers the same carbohydrate quantity needed to help restore muscle damage after their work outs.

During work outs, muscles can become fatigued and stressed, and often can suffer from work out induced injuries, such as small tears within the muscle. As muscle are worked, they can be microscopically injured--a natural process from which the muscles are then rebuilt stronger and firmer. It is this process which helps develop muscle tone and mass. However, the muscle must be repaired and repaired appropriately. The high carbohydrate and protein within chocolate milk has shown that it can repair muscle damage just as effectively as popular sports drinks.

This is great news, particularly for women, since drinking low fat milk can provide the necessary calcium and vitamin D often missing from diets. Milk can also provide missing or lacking minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, along with the much needed calcium. Milk can also rehydrate the body just as well as water or a sports drink.

However, it should be noted that individuals who are counting calories and watching carbs should chose a low fat or skim version of chocolate milk, since regular chocolate milk can have upwards of 200-plus calories and 32 grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving. Keep in mind that the recommended daily sugar intake is 40 grams, or 10 teaspoons. With one regular 8 ounce serving of chocolate milk, you are getting your daily intake. Yikes!

Despite this, low fat chocolate milk is a great alternative for a post-work out drink. So before you reach for a bottled sports drink, reach for a glass of chocolate milk instead. The wholesome goodness within milk is much better for you than the empty calories of sports drink. After all, milk does do a body good!

Source:Chocolate Milk's 'Natural' Muscle Recovery Benefits Match Or May Even Surpass A Specially Designed Carbohydrate Sports Drink, Retrieved on October 22, 2009 from:
Carolyn Lawrence is a fitness coach for Beachbody, inspiring and motivating individuals on the road to health and wellness. A lifelong sports junkie, Carolyn is currently getting certified as a weight management and life coach to become a greater value to those who need her help. Visit her blog for more advice.


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