Monday, April 25, 2011

Extreme Couponing - Yay or Nay?

     I'm addicted to the show, there I said it. I love watching all of the free things they get. How they get a $1000 bill down to $6. It absolutely amazes me, especially since I could never do that being that they don't double coupons here in Florida. Not where I like any way.

    I am also amazed at all of the crap they buy. Tons of sodas, chips, every processed food you could possibly imagine. Some of them look like they eat a lot of that too. Not so healthy. I do have to say that some of the couponers do say that they buy fresh produce and meat too.

   I use coupons but I don't buy things just because they are cheap if I'm not going to use them. Maybe if it were something I could donate then yes but generally I won't buy it. Also if the generic is cheaper than the item with coons I'll just buy the generic. I'm not like Amanda & her 7 things she won't buy generic. I'll buy almost anything generic (except maybe Jeans, I'm so picky!)

I do have a nice stock pile and I add to it every week. We live in Florida and when I was preggo with my oldest I had her during a hurricane and lost power on and off for two weeks. I make sure we are stocked up.I can't say I wouldn't have things I didn't need if I was getting everything for free like the couponers on Extreme Couponing! What about you?

Do you watch the show? What do you think of it? Do you coupon? Do you buy it all and figure someone can use it or are you picky?
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Lesli on Tue Apr 26, 01:50:00 PM 2011 said...

I love this show too. There is so much controversy around it! The stock piles are close to hoarder status, yes. But that is why it is "extreme"! :D


Jackie on Tue Apr 26, 02:31:00 PM 2011 said...

I tried couponing for about 4-6 months a little over a year ago. We saved TONS of money. I mean, tons. But, it totally wasn't worth my sanity. At first it was. It's actually kinda fun if you can do it in moderation. But, sadly... this mama doesn't know the definition of the word! Some depend on it so that one parent can stay home and they can survive off a one parent income. If we depended on it, I'm sure I would have kept up with it. But, the time investment ended up being way more than I can afford. So on this subject I say, to each his own. :)

Jackie @


Extreme Couponing - Yay or Nay?

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