Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bound by Darkness Book Review

 Bound by Darkness: A Paladin Novel

Description - Caught between two worlds, a powerful warrior must choose between impossible destinies when he meets a woman whose love will either make or break him. . . .

     As the daughter of a Regent, Sasha has long known about the secret underworld of the Paladins and their work protecting her kind from the dark forces on the other side of the energy barrier. So when she is sent on her first solo investigation, on the path to becoming the first female Regent, she is determined to get the Seattle Paladins in line. Offering sanctuary to their Kalith enemies is simply unacceptable! But when she meets Larem, she is inexorably drawn to a dark and valiant warrior who is not at all what he appears to be. As the power struggle between Regents and Paladins rages on, someone starts making attacks on her life. Sasha must choose between loyalty to her own kind and the warrior she loves . . . with the very fate of humanity hanging in the balance.
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My Thoughts - This is number 7 in the series and I haven't read the first six but I wasn't lost. I have to admit this book was a bit different for me but it's nice to get out of my comfort zone. It was very well written, very fast pace, enjoyable, and I love a sexy hero. 
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Bound by Darkness Book Review

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