Friday, July 22, 2011

Time 4 Mommy Sponsor - Theresa Grisanti

I met Theresa through the Blogelina Group and we have become fast friends. Not only is she a financial supporter of the Time 4 Mommy Community and this blog but she is now an administrator for the community and manages the craft group, WAHM group and is genuinely interested in getting to know all of our members.

Here is a little from Theresa & what she does.....

In a time when people are facing financial uncertainty, more families are looking for ways to make ends meet and plan for the future.  I work with families that want to take their financial future into their own hands.
Using a proven method that doesn’t involve cold-calling, inventories, or parties, while allowing families to stay home together we help people reach their goals.
Our Team has taught thousands of Moms how to successfully work from home and re-claim control of their family’s financial future with a risk-free home-based business.  That’s right, no big risk, no large outlay of money!  You can found out if it fits for you and make your choice based on your experience.
We provide Business Training, Leadership Training, Personal Development, and Online Marketing Training.
There is weekly training to fast track your business to success.  We learn about the newest developments in social media marketing and how to succeed in every step of having a home business.  Our team has been using online marketing since 1999 and it is working.  I’m making it happen and so can you.
Some of the ways I find community and meet new people is through my blogs.  It’s A Mom’s World: Green Living for the Whole Family is just that.  All about my life raising twins, loving local food, making herbal remedies and creating a healthy community for my children to grow in.
On Joyful At Home Ceo I write about inspiration and creating the life you dream about having.  Dreams aren’t pie-in-the-sky, airy-fairy fantasies that never happen.  There are steps you can take to create what you want.  Get clear on who you are, what you want and you can figure out how to get where you are going.
My life has lots of balls to juggle.  My family succeeds at it because we do it together.  Working with others and creating team spirit is something I do best.  I’d love to share more dreams with you.  Stop by and say hello!  
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Time 4 Mommy Sponsor - Theresa Grisanti

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