Thursday, July 21, 2011

Never again.

Remember when my computer crashed? It was not a happy situation, I was extremely stressed out and all because some idiot attacked my computer.
As much as I have going on now I couldn't imagine what I would do. 
Maybe FREAK out and have to buy yet another computer - Expensive!
Just because I didn't have Anti Virus Protection
I will never go through that again. Not when it 's so inexpensive
compared to losing your sanity and spending so much money on 
*sigh*  a new computer. (Thank goodness my friend gave me a computer
when mine crashed! Not everyone has that luxury.)

Since then I have gotten Internet security software . Anyone with a computer needs virus software end of story! It's so sad the phishing and spyware that goes on. I used to be so naive, you know - everyone is a good person. When I got the program I found out I had spyware - AGAIN! Thankfully not anymore!
Have any of you had your computer crash due to viruses or spyware? 
Last time my harddrive was melted and I couldn't even get any info off of it.
So many evil people :(

This post was brought to you by bitdefender but the opinions are 100% my own.

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Never again.

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