Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yanni Touch of Truth Review

    I was soooo excited when I got my mail today and found Yanni's newest CD in there. I've been a fan since I discovered him about 8 yrs ago when he last released an album. I was a super cool twenty-something back then and was extremely surprised by his music.

     His last album Yanni Voices had an exotic sound to it. His new album, Touch of Truth was much more relaxing.  It was amazing when I put it in the c.d. player... my house of chaos instantly calmed down. Instead of running around screaming, my girls were 'ballet' dancing to it.

     If it hadn't been the middle of the day, I might have grabbed a glass of wine and gone out on the patio to listen to it. It was G-O-O-D! There were even a few songs that made me wish my hubby was close to cuddle with him. Very sensuous.
     Whether you need to calm down the chaos, for a dinner party, or just to relax yourself. I say Taking a little time for mommy and get this C.D.

Yanni launched a 40-date tour of the US. The tour will take him through theaters in major cities across the US including Radio City Music Hall in NYC and the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

                                             We're giving away the CD HERE

           One2One Network was wonderful to send me this C.D. for my honest opinion.
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Brenna @ Almost All The Truth on Sun Apr 03, 05:14:00 PM 2011 said...

Music that can relax the kids as well as mommy? Sounds pretty good to me!


Yanni Touch of Truth Review

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