Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ending Temper Tantrums

Boy am I glad these days are over, and yes they will end. Here are a few tips to help that along.

Remember that toddlers are a bundle of emotion and any little thing can set them off, sometimes they don't know how to communicate any other way.

Stay calm. Just like Caesar Milan says with a dog... your child feeds off of your energy.
By you staying calm you aren't feeding into the chaotic energies your child is expending.

Try to divert their attention. Your little ones have a very short attention span and it's easy to 
divert it. Make them laugh, tickle them, or offer a hug.

I think I was so embarrassed when my girls would scream and cry but I had to realize all kids do it. Once I relaxed it was MUCH easier to deal with them.

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Ending Temper Tantrums

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