Thursday, August 4, 2011

#1 Penny Auction Site

   There is a new site called dealfun.​com​ It's a penny auction website. A completely new concept to me since it's different from Ebay, at Deal Fun everything is brand new and with a warranty. They were featured in the Daily Herald, MSNBC, and consumereinnews to name a few. 

   So I checked out the site and they have a variety of products like iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Laptops, LED TVs, PS3, Watches, Jewelry, and Toys. You can pick up these items SUPER cheap. I saw a Kindle go for $15. Really? Wow.  Ipads for $40, yeah I'm all over this. Why are they so cheap? They buy up warehouse closeouts and liquidation clearances.

    I was reading a post where they said the customer service there was absolutely fantastic, prompt and courteous. There is also no weekly or monthly win cap so you can big till your little heart's desire and they have a buy it now: If you bid on items and do not win it, you can use the bids towards buying the product. Sounds pretty cool to me.

    They even have Beginners auction (which I am going to try) For starters where you can polish your skills.

Visit for auctions that start a a penny!
                      Win Guarantee: If they don't win in the first 24 hours, all their bids are rest.

Brought to you by DealFun but all opinions are my own.

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#1 Penny Auction Site

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