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Suddenly Homeschooling Review and Giveaway - Winner!

Suddenly Homeschooling
If you are one of the millions of parents thinking about homeschooling or have already made the decision to get started, don’t do anything before reading Suddenly Homeschooling — it's a parent’s quick start guide to homeschooling in a hurry.

Suddenly Homeschooling takes on the challenges of today’s lifestyles and the concerns of families who homeschool for new reasons and are busier than ever before.

Using a unique step-by-step approach, the book shows how anyone can begin legally homeschooling in as little as two weeks, plus delivers valuable information for the rest of the year and beyond.

Tackling everything from the non-traditional to the puzzling to the mundane, the book delivers what parents need to get started and offers experienced wisdom and tips. Coverage includes basic topics plus tips for finding resources, organizing the home, juggling work and other duties, scheduling lessons and much more. Experienced homeschoolers will like the advanced coverage about teachable moments, styles and intelligences, help and support, plus the comprehensive glossary of homeschooling terms.

Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau is an educational guru, habitual writer and compulsively organized  homeschooler. As an advisor and coach for homeschooling families all around the country, she uses her teaching, writing, workshops and discussion groups to encourage and empower parents who are raising the next generation of scholars.
Growing up in the northeast and earning advanced ivy-league degrees never prepared Marie-Claire for the realities of government schooling her own children. After heading south, she began homeschooling her children from birth and hasn’t looked back a day since.

As the founder and major contributor to a variety of homeschooling groups and web sites, she also publishes online at Examiner and at her new location, Quick Start Homeschool.

Mandie's Thoughts - I've been a long time follower of Dr. Moreau's Quick Start Homeschool blog and I was extremely giddy to be able to review her book. Dr. Moreau starts with several different scenarios as to why someone would homeschool. I was quite impressed with this because sometimes I forget why others choose to do it. 
    Then she sets up a 14 day programs for you. Now I have been homeschooling in some fashion since my children were two and I can honestly say there was so much information that I could use. She has suggestions as to how to school multiple children, how to schedule, record keeping, and so much more. She even includes charts to assist you.
    This is the PERFECT book for those who find themselves suddenly homeschooling or for established homeschooling families who would like to reorganize.

Dr. Moreau is allowing us to giveaway a copy of Suddenly Homeschooling!

A copy of the book was received for review for my honest opinion, no other compensation was received.
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Suddenly Homeschooling Review and Giveaway - Winner!

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