Saturday, May 7, 2011

Because of a Squirrel

    They say everything is bigger in Texas, I wouldn't know because I've never been but my daughters decided they wanted to live there because of Sandy the Squirrel is from there (Sponge Bob.)

    So for the kicks of it I started looking at real estate there. In particular I looked at Dallas Real Estate because once again the t.v. show. (I swear we don't watch a lot of t.v.!) The market is great there, unlike here in Florida. You can buy houses to rent out (with renters in them) for under $20,000! I can't believe the Dallas homes for sale! Even secluded condos for $36,000.

   What you get for your dollar is amazing! Beautiful houses on lakes for under $200,000 and it's in Dallas so your close to everything. Have all of the city amenities like museums, concert halls, shopping, and big cities have work.

   Check out Dallas Real Estate to see what kind of great deals you can find. I promise, you will be amazed.

Brought to you by USA Realty Services, all opinions are my own.
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Because of a Squirrel

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