Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vampires - The Emotional Kind

     With pop cultures' obsession with Vampires I think I should tell you they are real. They may not suck your blood or even sparkle but they are draining none the less.
      I'm speaking of the Vampires that suck the energy and joy out of you. The ones that leaving you feeling emotionally spent after any amount of time with them. The ones that are always unhappy, always complaining, and there is always some sort of drama in their life. I've even been one of these Vampires before, thankfully those days are over.

     My husband use to laugh because he said I drew these kind of people to me. He quit laughing when he say how it was damaging me. When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter one of my friends was going through a rough time in her life. Everything was so chaotic around her and it was affecting my own mental well being. It isn't that I didn't want to be a good friend to her because I love her very much and I did. But she was having some serious issues and there wasn't anything I could do, partly because she wasn't listening any way. I actually sat down and talked with her and she was so self obsessed at the time that she didn't realize she was affecting those around her. I'm happy to say she is nothing like this now. She's the most wonderful person to be around!

      Unfortunately most Vampires people aren't like my friend and they won't change until they want to. Do you know how many times Vampires call me to vent and go on and on without even asking me how I'm doing? How was my day? I'm their emotional punching bag. Those days are over. I love myself too much. They can go and find another victim because I'm not going to deal with the negativity any more. Every so often I have to purge my friends. It's sad but true because if someone doesn't care about you and uses you only as a crutch then they aren't really your friend any way.

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Vampires - The Emotional Kind

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