Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guest Post from Author Roxanne St. Claire

First of all, I have to say that I love the concept of this site, and have been a regular visitor since I first discovered takingtimeformommy.  Even when I can’t take “me time,” there are so many great ideas and incentives here that I gather up and save for that day when I do have that valuable commodity.  So, I’m honored to be able to be part of this great community.

When a mom works from home, as I have since the day my son was born eighteen years ago, there is a (mis)conception that she doesn’t really work, and that downtime is part of her life.  I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who work from home and know that is a myth!  There is no downtime with an office across the hall from the den.  You’re in one or the other, always!

Luckily for me, “reading” is part of work and when I find a great book that is an escape, I take that journey as often as I can.  Even if all I have is twenty minutes before I crash, a book that takes me away from every concern in the world is my favorite choice.  That’s probably why I read and write romantic suspense…because the rollercoaster ride of these stories promises breathtaking adventure and heartbreaking passion and, for me, that is truly the great escape.

Yes, we have our book clubs and literary novels, our Oprah picks and self-improvement books, biographies, memoirs, and plenty of phenomenal stories that make us think hard about complex subjects.  But when I want to take that great escape, I read suspense and romance. 

So it should be no surprise that I write the “beach book” or “light read” – stories about two people who take a journey that is as dangerous to their hearts as it is to their lives.  I want my readers to forget the world when they travel to an exotic country. I want them to forget their daily lives when they fall in love with a protective, sexy bodyguard. I want them to forget to make dinner when they are in the shoes of a woman on the run.  And when I get emails from readers who tell me I’ve stolen their sleep, I say I’m sorry…but I’m not!

This month, I’m celebrating the back to back releases of two such books and I promise a great escape with both of them.  SHIVER OF FEAR takes readers on a sweeping adventure to Ireland when heroine Devyn Sterling searches for the truth about her birth mother and finds far more than she ever expected…including love from the man sent to stop her.  A month later, FACE OF DANGER slips behind the scenes of a movie star’s life when private investigator Vivi Angelino takes the job as a Oscar winning actress’s body double to lure and trap a serial killer, but discovers there is much more to her role than she’d ever anticipated…including a certain by-the-book FBI agent who has his own approach to solving crimes.  I defy you to worry about the burdens of every day life when you are escaping into these two fun fantasies!

So, tell me, busy moms…what do you like to read when your goal is to forget the world and have an adventure? 
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Guest Post from Author Roxanne St. Claire

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