Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mandie's Couponing Adventure

I spent a lot of yesterday out shopping and I used a ton of coupons. I am no Extreme Couponer, unfortunately in Florida they don't double coupons, at least no where around or maybe I would be.  I did manage to save a lot of money though.

I spent $73.60 out of pocket for $138.50 worth of stuff.

That's a savings of $65 and I have $11 to use at CVS 7 Walgreens on my next purchase and have 8 Free Movies from RedBox

Here is my Publix Receipt - 

I spent $15.31 and saved $22.99

I bought crackers -BOGO FREE and I stacked a coupon on Each
I also did that with the Mozz Cheese & Spaghetti

I bought  new kind of cereal - Fiber one plus and It came with some fiber one bars  if you bought 2. I stacked coupons on everything.

i had a lot of coupons for other things but it was for things I didn't really use.

Here are my receipts to Dollar General, Walgreens, and CVS

Dollar General - I only bought laundry detergent there.
All with Oxi Active - They were $4 each, I bought 2 and used a $1.50 off of each. I probably could have waited and found a better deal in the coming weeks but I'm almost out. So $5 for both

CVS - I bought 2 listerine pocket pacs - with my couons they were $.50 each.
A new GE energy Smart light bulb for $.99 & two Gallons of TGLee milk for $2.19 each with the $4 towards my next visit.

Walgreens - I bought a lot here. I won't bore you but I got some good deals on Salmon, flour, eggs, and easter Candy. I also bought 2 woman's Nivea body wash for $.78 each & 2 Men's Nivea Body wash for $.78 each.  Also got free toothpaste, air freshener, 3 tapes,and hair accessories. ($7 towards my next purchase)

I would have gotten a lot more deals if I would have started gathering coupons a week early . Oh well. I didn't buy a lot of food this go around because I am very stocked up and bought fresh produce just the other day.

Many of our followers have asked me to post the deals I find online here, so that's what I will start doing this coming week.

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Lesli on Wed Apr 20, 04:42:00 PM 2011 said...

I love getting great deals on a day of shopping! You did great!

That reminds me I usually do the Walgreens and Rite Aid deals, especially the money makers!

Thanks for sharing!


christina on Wed Apr 20, 05:17:00 PM 2011 said...

You really did a great job. Just a fyi. Try the publix's there. They might double a couupon up to .50 cents.Or if you have a $5.00 coupon fron another store they normally will take them. Also a competeriors coupon with a manufactures coupon one per purchase. Normally I will ask what there policy is or call before I go in there. By all means I am not a Coupon extremeist. PArdon my spelling. Christina Canova


Mandie's Couponing Adventure

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