Monday, April 18, 2011

Time 4 Mommy Meme Monday

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 1. What did you do this week to take time for yourself?
I didn't think I was going to get any time to do anything because of billing for our business 
and dreaded taxes but on Sunday I was able to critique for the writing group I'm in (A writer's Block). The writing group is something I do completely for myself.

2. What kind of bathing suit do you wear?
This year I'm going with a tank top two piece. I look awful in a one piece.
Not too great in a two piece either anymore so I'm trying one with a little more coverage.

3. What is your favorite hobby?
At the moment it's painting. I'm not very good at it but it's so relaxing and it seems 
to calm my chaotic mind.
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Time 4 Mommy Meme Monday

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