Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Baby Planner [Book Review]

Katie Johnson may make her living consulting with new moms on the latest greatest baby gadgets no parent should be without, or which mommy meet-ups are the most socially desirable, or whether melon truly is the new black, but the success of her marriage to her husband, Alex, depends on controlling her own urges toward motherhood.

He's adamant that they stay childless. Sure, Katie understands that he's upset over the fact that his out-of-town ex-wife rarely lets him see their ten-year-old son, Peter. But living vicariously through her anxious clients and her twin sisters' precocious children only makes Katie resent his stance more deeply.

While helping a new client—Seth Harris, a high tech entrepreneur who must raise Sadie, his newborn daughter, as a single parent after the tragic death of his wife in childbirth—maneuver the bittersweet journey from mourning husband and reticent father to loving dad, Katie's own ideals about love, marriage, and motherhood are put to the test as she learns ones very important lesson about family: How we nurture is the true nature of love

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My Thoughts -
This book would make a great book club selection. There is so much to talk about! I read it in one day, I just couldn't put it down. That says a lot because I am a very busy woman.
Katie was very likeable and my heart went out to her because she wanted a baby so badly. Just when you 'think' you have this book figured out there are a few twists and turns in it for you. I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer - I received this book for my honest opinion, no other compensation was received.
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Charity on Thu Apr 07, 02:24:00 PM 2011 said...

Nice review. Thanks for your thoughts:)


The Baby Planner [Book Review]

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