Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How To Clean Tile Grout

I love our tile floors, they are great for people with allergies - Like us. I use the dust mop then vacuum the dust bunnies in the corners and we’re done! However having kids and tile floors don’t really mix if you have light colored tile or grout. (Hey we tiled before the kids - I just didn’t know!)
My dining room and kitchen are the worst! So many spills and stains. I’ve tried just about everything to clean the grout. I got a high dollar cleaner you spitz on from the tile store. That was awful took for-ever and was expensive! The detergent in it just drew the dirt to it more quickly too. Bleach really does work great but it gives me a headache and the floor was so slippery afterward.

Believe it or not I like to use Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner. It’s easy to spray on there and works great.I let it sit for a minute then scrub with a tooth brush and wipe it away with a towel. I make sure I use it before I mop in case it leaves any extra residue. Another tip is I I always use vinegar and water to mop.

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals you can use baking soda or borax. Dampened it with a little water. I still scrub it with a toothbrush. It works really good but the scrubbing bubbles is faster for me. Yes, you can call me impatient.

I do this every Spring and Fall, or as needed. Wish me luck. I have 2 rooms finished and have 3 more to go....

Please share what you use on your tile floors!

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Dawn on Tue Mar 22, 07:12:00 PM 2011 said...

I use Dr. Brommer's and a toothbrush on the grout in my shower. Recently though, we just went ahead and re-grouted the tub surround. It looks great now, but word of advice....don't let any grout go down the drain! Now we've got a slow drain. Nothing seems to work to fix that problem.

Romina Garcia on Wed Mar 23, 06:11:00 AM 2011 said...

Thanks for the great tip! I sometimes use vinegar and hot water on my tiles as well. Although the smell always makes me crave hot chips later ;-)

Charity on Wed Mar 23, 11:40:00 AM 2011 said...

We have tile floor in our travel trailer and it is a pain to keep clean. I use just a green cleaner and an old toothbrush. Works pretty good.


How To Clean Tile Grout

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