Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Meal at Home

I’ll be the first one to admit my girls love their Happy Meals, but in this house they are a special occasion thing. 

More times than not, my girls ask me to make their happy meals for them. 

I usually make homemade chicken nuggets, herb roasted potatoes instead of the fries, and a salad packed with fruit as an added bonus.

Instead of a toy that will just be lost in the bottom of the toy box I give them a craft to do or make them homemade brownies. The girls are happy and I’m happy because they aren't eating processed junk.

                                            Mandie’s Chicken Nuggets

4 large chicken breast with rib meat

2 eggs

2 cups unbleached flour

2 tsps of raw honey

Peanut Oil

Salt & Pepper to taste

Cut the chicken breasts into little chunks, salt and pepper them. Dunk them into the egg and raw honey mixture then drag them through the flour (sometimes I add a little powdered sugar to the flour like Chic Filet if I’m out of honey).

When the oil is hot, fry the chicken until crispy then pull out and let drain on paper towels or newspaper.

 Serve with Mandie’s Herb Roasted Potatoes and Homemade Brownies!

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Kim on Fri Mar 25, 12:40:00 PM 2011 said...

I just drove by Chick Fil A today thinking wow I wish I could make their nuggets because it would be cheaper. I'm going to try this recipe for sure!
Check out my blog giveaway. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for sharing this recipe. I can't wait to try it.

Kerry on Fri Mar 25, 05:44:00 PM 2011 said...

Yum! I was wondering what to do with the chicken I bought for later in the week. I think I will try this.

I just started a new blog on raising my boys.

no posts yet, hopefully this weekend. looking for lots of followers. I'm following you...


Melissa on Sat Mar 26, 10:20:00 AM 2011 said...

A few months ago I saw how McDonald's makes their nuggets. It is pink meat and over the top disgusting! I will never eat another one.
I crave nuggets sometimes when my kids talk about McDonals. So... I am going to give this recipe a try tonight! Thank you! It looks easy and yummy!
Thanks for stopping by my blog hop. I hope you are back next Friday too!


Happy Meal at Home

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