Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventures of a Demon Hunting Mom Review

Is that Kate Connor's two year old's diaper or is it a stinky demon strolling
through Walmart? Kate Connor use to be a Demon hunter for the Catholic church but that
was a lifetime ago. Now she has a teenager, a two year old, and a husband with political aspirations.

Unfortunately her past rears it's stinky head and now a demon is building an army which only she can stop. Did I mention that no one knows? It shows you what would happen if Buffy that Vampire Slayer had gotten married and kept her past a secret.

Julie Kenner is fast becoming one of my favorites with her fast action packed witty books.
I laughed so hard and could relate to so much - okay maybe not the demon killing 
but the rest of it.
I also just learned they are making a movie for this book!
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Adventures of a Demon Hunting Mom Review

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