Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mommy Meltdowns - Aren't we entitled?

As a mother,
are we entitled to have meltdowns?
Aren't we the ones who are suppose to keep it together as our 3yr old is screaming No she doesn't want to do this or that, and when our 5yr old is having one of those days where EVERYTHING is making her cry? 
When the laundry is a never ending pile and darn it, you just mopped the floor they spilled grape juice on and tracked all over!!
Yes, I think we are entitled, at least within reason. My first meltdown happened when my now 5yr old was 6 months old. While she was down for a nap she took her pants off along with her diaper. Did I mention she had pooh poohed?
Her being the true artist she is, used it as her paint and the wall, crib, and herself were the canvas. Now let's not forget her nose, ears, and hair. 
Yep, I lost it. I cried and cried and cried some more when I finally got every nook and cranny clean. Oh my gosh, it was horrid! 
My 2nd daughter also did it when she was the same age but hers was worse. We started duck taping the diapers when she napped so she couldn't pull them off.

Now that they are older, when I feel a melt down coming on I make them go outside to play.
I also make sure I have plenty of time to myself. I have them 24/7 - ALL OF THE TIME! 
While I love them it's really good for my sanity to keep them busy. I don't let them get bored and I let myself escape with reading. 
I also make sure I'm connected to other adults. I'm in a local play group and it's just as much for the moms as it is for the kids.

How do you handle your meltdowns?


Mandie Stevens is owner of Taking Time for Mommy. She's a homeschooling mom of 2 girls and believes every mom should take a little time for herself.

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Anonymous said...

Yes we are entitled to our moments. We are human, not superwoman. I go on strike. I go up to my room and get in bed. Doens't work all the time but usually they then do what I want (mine are 2 and 4)

Crocheted Little Things on Tue Jul 06, 05:15:00 PM 2010 said...

same here, I lay myself in bed until the mess is over and ask my hubby to supervise (if he's around)
My kids are 6 and 4 (my oldest has autism) and I have them 24/7 and no other adults around.

Sometimes were they whine about everything I put my headphones on, music high and escape with my fantasy

Midnite Skys on Wed Jul 07, 12:49:00 PM 2010 said...

Oh yea as mom you can have melt downs it how you handle them after. You be surprised when you tell even little ones that you are having a bad day or that things are bugging you today that they understand. Plus they start to treat you that way... sorry mommy I am having abad day, nothing is going right.... Well my daughters where like that.....

We are human.... we make mistakes and have days that we want to go to bed all day.
PS I have done the strike thing........ It was fun! It is also great for them to see everything we do..

Alicia on Thu Jul 08, 08:36:00 PM 2010 said...

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Darla on Sat Jul 10, 08:59:00 PM 2010 said...

When I have had a mommy meltdown I always talk to my kids about it afterwards. I tell them that I make mistakes so they understand that no one is perfect and EVERYONE has bad moments and even entire bad days. It makes us both feel better. And, Mandie is right, we need our mommy friends. Without them we would go crazy! And our kids would too. They need their friends just as much as we do. :)

Jennifer DeAnna on Sat Apr 09, 03:29:00 PM 2011 said...

My daughter is in bed every evening for 8pm. This way I have three hours of me time to do for me! So if I have to melt-down it is from 8-11pm at night. Keeping her entertained during the day and weekend activities helps me to keep my sanity. I have to keep in mind during the day I cater to both our needs but after 8 it is all about ME.


Mommy Meltdowns - Aren't we entitled?

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