Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bright Beginnings for your little one

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When my oldest daughter had to go on formula she didn't adjust very well, she was very gassy and very irritable. I had to switch it a couple of times but finally found Parent's Choice Organic Milk Based Formula. I liked it because it was organic and had the benefits of the lipids DHA and ARA, nutrients naturally found in breast milk essential for babies' mental and visual development.

When my second daughter had to go on formula, which is the only one I gave her and she never had a problem. I also loved the price compared to other formulas that were of the same quality - but this was even better because it was Organic and the others were not. Because it's Organic it means there are no Potentially Harmful Pesticides, added Growth Hormones, or Antibiotics. They were my precious babies and they needed the best start they could possibly get and since I had breast feeding problems with each of them after awhile, the Bright Beginnings was the best choice.

I'm loving their brand new look. The can is nice and bright!

Bright Beginnings available at also has coupons available for first time customers.

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Bright Beginnings for your little one

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