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Homemade Baby food Tips and Ideas

Homemade Baby food Tips and Ideas
Guest post by Rosilind Jukic

Being a mom of an infant is not easy.  Add to that the stress of trying to cook baby meals and adult meals everyday.  As if mom's don't have enough on their plate with cleaning, laundry, diapers, etc.  

Have you decided to scrap the baby food isle and go with homemade baby food?  It is a noble choice.  It saves money, it tastes better, and it is far better for baby.  

Here are some tricks to making your own baby food and saving time in the long run so you don't go insane!

Items you are going to need are:
  1. A fork to test  for done-ness
  2. A slatted spoon to spoon out your veggies/fruit
  3. A hand mixer (or food processor)
  4.  A spatula
  5. A small tea spoon 
  6. And storage containers

You may start by steaming several different fruits in separate pots all at the same time.  This may be done three different ways:

  1. Using a steam basket
  2. Using as little water as possible (be sure not to burn what you are steaming)
  3. By wrapping the fruits or veggies in foil with a bit of water and baking them (this is the most effective way of retaining vitamins in your food.
Once cooked, puree the vegetables one at a time.  There are a couple of storage options to use:

  1. one larger container -such as the Avent storage container.
  2. Ice cube trays to freeze in smaller quantities. This way you may take out a few cubes of varied fruits and vegetables to make yummy meals.

If you use the ice cube option, once the cubes are frozen, store them in freezer bags.  

Be sure to label the bag or container with a permanent marker with the contents and the date. You may store homemade baby food for up to 3 months (1 month is optimal).

Rosilind Jukic is a Work-at-Home missionary mom of an active toddler and one on the way.  She currently resides in Zagreb, Croatia where she assists in translation and creative writing for her church.
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Homemade Baby food Tips and Ideas

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