Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flipflop Cabernet Wine Review


Cabernet is my favorite wine. I love the bold full bodied flavor.
The Flipflop Cabernet was delicious!

My first sip tasted like strawberries, I read the tasting notes and saw it
was actually blackberry fruit and dark cherries. Well I got the berry part right.
I was surprised at how light it was compared to many cabs I've had.

My husband who doesn't like Cabs because they usually are full of tannins
actually enjoyed it. We actually had some with a cheese plate (Cabernet and a cheese plate!! CRAZY!) and then turned around and had some more with a steak.
This was very drinkable and I have to say the FlipFlop Cabernet is my new 
favorite wine (and not because it's only $7 - although I really like that too)!

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Flipflop Cabernet Wine Review

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