Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Living Organized - Free Kindle Ebook

Normally I put all book Reviews, Freebies, and 
Giveaways on my Book Blog Mommy Reads too Much 
but this one just belonged here.
I'm a recovering messy and I'm continuously reorganizing 
because I'm a scatter brain. I hope you enjoy this book, I 
plan on diving into it as soon as I have time, I need all of the help I can get.
Don't have a Kindle? Don't worry, you can download Kindle PC for your
computer and Kindle for your Blackberry
Check out this book HERE for Free!

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crlyons77 on Mon Apr 26, 09:05:00 AM 2010 said...

Cool, this is something I need!

Sue A. on Sun May 02, 08:25:00 PM 2010 said...

I just saw that book on the Kindle best seller list and passed on it without looking at it. Thanks for the heads up!


Living Organized - Free Kindle Ebook

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