Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free "42 Ways to Recycle" eBook

Look what I found for you!

Reduce, reuse, recycle. These are famous words that we've all heard before. Before throwing out all your trash take a second look at what you might be able to save. 
There are tons of crafts you can create with your recyclables. Look in the Recycle eBook to find out what you can create. Once you're done licking the yogurt out of the container don't throw it out, reuse it.
You can be very creative. We have provided 42 ways to reuse materials to create unique and amazing crafts you never would have thought of. You can create wine coasters out of glass, you can make tins out of greeting cards and can critters out of metal. Use your imagination, save the earth and recycle. Here's what you can find in this eBook...

Get your FREE Recycle eBook here! [PDF]

Section 1: Paper

Learn how to use junk mail to make paper beads

Section 2: Paper Making

Use paper, magazines and greeting cards to create different kinds of crafts

Section 3: Metal

Use tins and cans to create little critters and luminaries

Section 4: Plastic

Use those old bottles, cans and containers to create household items and decor

Section 5: Glass

Don't break those old wine bottles, create coasters out of them

Section 6: Clothing

Sweaters and belts don't have to be clothing items, they can be made into bracelets

Section 7: Miscellaneous

Take those old CD's and turn them into ornaments

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Free "42 Ways to Recycle" eBook

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