Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Does Your Web History Say About You?

I was looking at my web history today, trying to find a website I'd visited recently, when it dawned on me that your web history really says a lot about who you are. So, I'm going to share with you the last 10 websites I've visited, and I'd love to see what you've visited too! Either comment below with the last 10 websites, or write a post of your own, and link to it in the comment section. 

 Weightloss Wars - This is a cool website I've never seen before today. It's free, and there are competitions and challenges you can join. I've saved it in my favorites, and will definitely be checking it out again.

www.Optimization-World.com - Nothing exciting going on here. I was just looking for VGA cables.

Time4Mommy - My absolutely favorite place to sit back, relax, and connect with other moms, and get the scoop on great deals, freebies, and good books. ;-)

Gmail - Checking out my mail. I love Gmail. I even download my Yahoo mail to Gmail. Gmail actually showed up in my history a few times in between the following sites (I was clicking to the sites from my email), but I'm only listing it once.)

Flickr - Was checking out photos of an item that was for sale locally. I'm not even sure why I looked at it. It was a fish aquarium. I'm not interested in buying a fish aquarium, but there was a link, and I clicked it.

Yahoo Groups - Reading posts from a local Yahoo Group 

 5MinutesForMom - Was checking to see if they added Time4Mommy to their Mom Sites yet.

Woman Tribune - Again... checking to see if they added Time4Mommy to their Mom Sites yet.

Google Docs - I was accessing a spreadsheet that contains a list of websites that I either have or will be contacting to work with Time4Mommy.

So, come on... your turn to share. 
What were the last 10 websites you've visited?
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Amanda on Wed Jun 01, 04:59:00 PM 2011 said...

1. www.BestPetHealth.com - my website for all your pet needs
2. Takingtimeformommy.com - because I just sent them an email (you know about what, but I don't want to say here).
3.www.facebook.com - because I spend alot of time there because of #1.
4. Iwearyourshirt.com - entertaining and able to learn about other businesses.
5. Yahoo.com - one of my email accounts
6, Google.com - checking analytics for #1 again.
7. logmein.com - to logon to my work computer from home
8.Netflix.com - Been a member for 6 years and still love it!
9. Lots more and I don't remember why I went to them! Hmmm...
Thanks, this was fun! Amanda

Becca on Wed Jun 01, 05:24:00 PM 2011 said...

Most of my history is facebook games and blogs. It's kind of embarassing!

Theresa on Thu Jun 02, 01:25:00 PM 2011 said...

My history is so eclectic from all the blog hopping I have been doing. I am definitely going to check out the Weight Loss challenge though. I'm on a mission.


What Does Your Web History Say About You?

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