Monday, May 17, 2010

Tips For Giving Meds to Kids

Sometimes a child needs to be administered some medicine, but often kids are unwilling to take it. The following is a list of tips for giving meds to kids:

Tip one: Don't tell them it is candy. If you do, you run the risk of your child overdosing on the medication, or wanting it when they are not feeling ill. Lying to your child is not a good idea, so make sure that you give them medication under no false pretenses. It is best to let them know that they are sick, and that it will help them to feel better.

Tip two: Make it easy to get in. One of the problems with medication is that it can be difficult for the child to take; a child is not easily able to swallow a pill. So, choosing chewable tablets, or liquid medication can really help. For infants younger than six months, a syringe or calibrated eyedropper does well. For older, choose a method that will work for them.

Tip three: Choose medicine that appeals to them. If your child does not like cherry flavoring, don't try and give them cherry medication. Most medicines come in a variety of flavors, from bubblegum to grape, and more.

Tip four: Give your child some control and choices. Most children do not like to be forced to do anything, especially not when it is something like taking medicine. If you give them a bit of a choice, there is a much better chance that they will take their medication. For example, you can say, "When do you want to take it? Now? Or, after lunch?" You can say things like, "Which color of medicine would you like?" This will give them a small choice to make, and help them feel more in control, and thus more willing to comply with what you want.

Tip five: Show them how to take medicine by example. Often a child fears taking medicine because it is unknown to them, so a better option is to let them see you taking medicine. You can simply take a multi-vitamin, or calcium chew; it does not have to be actual prescription or medicine, it just has to be something that your child can see you take so that they feel comfortable taking their medication as well.

When giving a child medicine it is important to make sure that they eat it, but to also follow the dosing and instructions. Make sure they take it with food if they need to. Make sure you do not open pills and mix it with food unless it says you can. Never try and trick your child into taking medication or they will think that it is something they don't want to do and that is why you have to trick them. Help them understand it, and make it as tasty and appealing as possible.

Beverly Frank is mom to two young kids and a writer. Visit for more parenting advice and ideas.


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Deana on Tue May 18, 02:05:00 PM 2010 said...

Great ideas! I have some sick kiddos right now and it sure isn't easy getting them to take their meds.


Tips For Giving Meds to Kids

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