Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Help Your Child Conquer Shyness

I completely understand the effects of shyness on people in general and children specifically. I was very shy as a child and my timidity lasted well into my adulthood. I remember as a child wanting to participate in various activities, but did not because of fear. Although timidity is quite common place, it is imperative that it is kept in check, in order to ensure it is not hindering your child's social development. As a timid child, I often wish someone would recognize the issue and help me. Here are some tips to aid in assisting your Child in Conquering Shyness.

1. Compliment them: Reinforce the Positive

Most kids are shy as a result of negative thinking. They are thinking they are not good enough. They feel as everyone will laugh if they make a mistake. It is necessary to reinforce their positive attributes. Give them compliments as much as possible and be sincere.

2. Teach them: Communication is Key

Let them know it is okay to say "hello" to others. To ask "How are you doing?" Give practical advice such as showing sincerity and listening attentively. Even allow them to see you communicate with someone you do not know well. Let them know it is okay to inquire of other's interests.

3. Help them: Locate their interests

It is important to find out a timid child's interests. In some cases, some may need assistance in discovering their interests. Look for various activities in school and the community. Encourage your child to be a participant in them.

4. Notice them

Shy children have a tendency to endure unmet needs. Everyone wants to feel as if they are special, loved and that they belong. Set aside time each day to talk with your child. Discuss the day's events and their reactions/feelings toward them. It is extremely important that you make them feel valid and loved.

Timidity is very prevalent in our society. However, it is necessary to overcome in order to live a fulfilling life. It is even better if the issue of timidity is conquered at a young age.

Monique Willis invites parents to help their timid children become bold and active. Read "How to Help Your Child Overcome Shyness" and a wealth of other resources to aid in your child's social and academic development at

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Susan Fobes on Fri May 21, 09:00:00 PM 2010 said...

This is something I am worried about with my son. He rarely, if at all, speaks to adults even if I am right there...


How to Help Your Child Conquer Shyness

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