Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saving Money with Customer Service

My website hosting is up for renewal soon so I have been on the hunt for reasonably priced hosting with reliable customer care. Saving a few dollars wouldn’t be bad either.

When I look for any new services, I always try to find review sites that provide comparisons so I can find a synopsis of information all in the same place. It saves me time and energy.

WebsiteHosting.com provides all that and more. The clean uncluttered look of the site is refreshing with so many busy, flashy technology sites. I like that they are not affiliated with any hosting services. They don’t have affiliate links all over their site. The information they provide is unbiased which gives me confidence in the information they provide.

On their homepage is a table of the top 10 hosting companies with fees and ratings to easily gather information. It was able to immediately assess which hosting companies to review and which weren’t going to fit my needs and budget.

The FAQ pages and resource pages have a wide range of articles that helped me in making an informed decision about what is available in web hosting today.

The section on Search Engine Optimization section was particularly interesting. I am always looking for the current information on optimizing my sites for discovery by search engines. It so important to monetizing my websites and keeping traffic up.

I was able to find just what I was looking for in a hosting site. I even got a better deal on the price of the hosting. If you are a blogger thinking about self-hosting, this site holds valuable information you will want to start with.

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Saving Money with Customer Service

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