Saturday, June 18, 2011

Helping my neighbors move

   My neighbors are moving from Florida to Las Vegas and me being the wonderful neighbor I am decided to help them find a mover.  I stumbled across a website that actually gives moving estimates including those for long distance movers .

  They have a moving guide there too that shows you how to pick the right mover and information about storage too so my neighbors are now on the right track. I couldn't imagine trying to find a mover to get me all the way across the United States, that's why I hit the internet and am so happy I found a site that has everything I need there.  I didn't have to spend hours searching!

    The site also has local movers too if you just need help moving across town and you can also get local moving quotes. You can even buy enough moving boxes from them for your entire house. If you are moving
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Helping my neighbors move

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