Thursday, June 30, 2011

Freedom Giveaway Hop - Book Spotlight Choosing to Grow Through Marriage

Choosing to Grow Through Marriage


There is an “I” in marriage.

“I am the wife.”

No one told me what it’s REALLY like to be the wife-half of a marriage. In our beginning I didn’t act as wifely as I should have and I actually almost lost the right to call myself that.

At my lowest, I hated my life. I hated what being a wife looked like for me, and instead of changing my sentence to, “I was his wife” I decided to change it to “I want to be a better wife than I am now.”

It matters what I think, and it matters what I do about being my husband’s wife. To be a wife is not a passive venture, and what I did, changed my life…and our marriage.

I started by looking at the numbers. Fifty per cent of marriages do not make it, but my chances of being in a lifelong marriage were even less. I needed to change my numbers, so I did my own version of marriage math.

Over 150 questionnaires+ 70 interviews+25 titles+ 8 years= 1 positively changed marriage.

I asked as many questions about marriage as I could, and what I found, after all of that searching, was that the answers to a better marriage start and end with ME.

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Freedom Giveaway Hop - Book Spotlight Choosing to Grow Through Marriage

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