Friday, May 20, 2011

Dress me up and take me out

      My anniversary is coming up and I've been looking for the perfect dress. It's my one time of the year I really get to go all out. Like my own personal prom.

    My sweetie takes me to a fine dining restaurant and some times a play. It's our "romantic" time so I really want to look hot. I'm looking through evening dresses and I have picked out a couple. I Love the one on the left because the color is perfect and it's so fun and cute. I could even wear it some place a little more casual and get away with it. 

  Or I can go with a little back dress. This is from BCBG and I already have some really cute BCBG shoes to go with it I bought a few months ago.  This one is on sale too AND it's a little black dress I could keep forever (as long as I don't let myself out grow it lol)
      Maybe if I buy the dress on sale I can splurge on a designer handbag?. I'm in love with the clutch below. It's one I would use all of the time. That would be a very nice anniversary gift and since my husband has me buy my anniversary gifts myself.....

....But this one would match the back dress so well and it's on sale too!  Decisions, Decisions!

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Jackie on Fri May 20, 06:39:00 PM 2011 said...

Oh I just LOVE that first dress! The color is beautiful! Forget that black... you want to be NOTICED!! ;)

Lesli on Sat May 21, 02:15:00 AM 2011 said...

I love the first dress too! I would go with that one! Sounds like a great night you two have planned! My anniversary is next weekend! Wonder what we are doing? Hmmm .. :D

Amanda C said...

Both are really cute. Either way you will be able to use the dress again like you said, so I say go for the one that will make you feel sexy and hot for your anniversary! :) As a side note, I purchased a clutch from Kohls just about a week ago and they were on sale at 50% off and soooo cute too in case you are interested...!? Have fun whatever you get to do on your special night! ~Amanda C~


Dress me up and take me out

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