Monday, March 8, 2010

Guest post by Author Kim Crouch - TAKE TIME FOR MOMMY


Let’s face it. Women have taken on every role society has to offer. There has not been a time when we have said no to a challenge. The plight of women in modern society could be described as the evolution of the superwoman. This is particularly true of those of us with kids.

We are mothers, teachers, doctors, wives, sisters, actresses, musicians, directors and everything in between. There is no doubt that we are physically capable. As we have expanded our roles in society, we need to do more to consider our personal growth and development because the truth is we have mastered the complex but neglected the simple. We spend so much energy on the outside world that no energy remains for our own spirit. Even with all our material possessions, we realize something is missing.

I’ve seen so many of us striving hard to complete one goal after the next whether it’s paying the rent of closing the million dollar deal-that we have become experts at completing tasks. Upon completion, we ask, “what’s next?” Somewhere in this process we find that we are missing our sense of self. We find ourselves saying if I won the lottery I would… When the kids grow up… or even “I can’t wait until the weekend.” We are so consumed with deadlines and obligations that we long for a time when we allow ourselves to live.

When we reach this point, many of us can’t believe the time we’ve spent putting ourselves and our spirits on hold. The bottom line is no set of instructions can help you regain your spirit, but there are things you can do. Learning to love, live and express yourself everyday is a matter of choice. Don’t be afraid to take time for mommy and to enjoy yourself and your life right now. After all, you can’t ever replace today so make the most of it. Your kids will appreciate it, your mate will appreciate it and most importantly you will appreciate it!

Kim Crouch is the author of Mother To Son: Words of Wisdom, Inspiration and Hope for Today’s Young African-American Men. She blogs about parenting issues at and is an attorney, author and married mom of 3 boys.
Mother To Son

For all mothers who have heard the adage that mothers raise their daughters but love their sons, comes a powerfully written book Mother To Son that shows that mothers do more than just love their sons. The book offers candid advice for mothers to provide their sons on the issues they may face from racism to self-recognition to navigating the American maze and concept of beauty.

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Guest post by Author Kim Crouch - TAKE TIME FOR MOMMY

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