Friday, April 2, 2010

Aging Gracefully

They say with age comes wisdom… and wrinkles. I'll take the wisdom but whoever "they" are can have the wrinkles.

I believe that beauty evolves as we age. I’ve faced the fact that as a 33 yr old woman who has had 2 children, I will never look 20 again. Nor should I want to. That being said, we should still take care of ourselves and age as well as we can. I'm trying.

A few things we can do that will help - Taking in the proper nutrition, getting exercise, and hydrating yourself can erase years off of your body. Not partaking in damaging habits such as smoking or heavily drinking also help. Staying out of the sun or tanning beds and constantly using SPF foundations or lotions will help slow the inevitable facial lines we all get.

Unfortunately these lines are inevitable, they will come. I’m not vain but I do care how I look. I have no problem with plastic surgery as long as you don’t go overboard but that really isn’t the route I want to go, at least now yet, give me another 20 yrs. I want something a little more subtle.

I did find a procedure from a Dermatologist in Los Angeles called Restylane injections. I looked it on WebMD to see what they said. “Restylane is a dermal filler designed to smooth away wrinkles and folds”. It doesn’t paralyze, I mean relax your face like Botox.

Sounds right up my ally! I found more information on Restylane Injections in Los Angeles; they have a lot of articles explaining everything. I’ve definitely added this as an option!

Now if only I can talk hubby into a LA vay-cay.....


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Aging Gracefully

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