Thursday, March 25, 2010

Longer Thicker Lashes Naturally

Women want sexy lashes, they are a symbol of femininity. I know I do. We even go as far as buying fake lashes or using special mascaras to make them thicker and longer looking. There are a few different products to assist in helping grow your eyelashes like Latisse and Rapidlash, they can get a bit pricey, especially when you can do it naturally and quite inexpensively.

1. Improve your diet – With proper nutrition your nails, hair, and eyelashes grow faster. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Hydrating your body is great for you, all the way to your eyelashes. If they aren’t hydrated properly they break and fall out.

2. Keep them lubricated. The regular application of Vaseline has been known to make them grow. Use a small makeup brush to apply. You can also use Vitamin E oil, it has been known to stimulate growth and sooth irritation.

3. Remove your eye makeup at night, especially mascara. It can make your lashes brittle and break. Eye shadows can clog the pores your eyelashes grow from. By removing the makeup and giving your pours time to breath, it accelerates the growth of your eyelashes.

4. Trim your eyelashes. Yes I know this sounds crazy and you’d think it would be counterproductive but just like trimming your hair, it stimulates growth. Just remember to only trim the tips.

Remember to use caution when applying products or doing things around the delicate eye area to avoid possible injury.

Edit -It was brought to my attention that Vaseline can clog the pours - I've never had a problem but I think it's important you know.
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Anonymous said...

Please do not use vaseline - this will only clog the pores. I agree with the Vitamin E oil however.

There are new products on the market now that come in brush form that are designed to help make the lashes stronger. Therefore they do not fall out and will grow longer.


Longer Thicker Lashes Naturally

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