Friday, January 29, 2010

The Language of Love & Respect - My Review

I received a complimentary copy of
The Language of Love and Respect from Thomas Nelson for review. Maybe it was the crazy holiday season at my house but it took me FOREVER to get through this book and I can usually read a book this size in a day or two. It just couldn't hold my attention and at times I thought it was repeating itself. Over all I give this book a "B+" because it really does offer a lot of great advice!

I thought that I wouldn't get anything out of this book because I do have a good marriage, but we all know marriage in general isn't always bliss. For me it helped explain communication which at times is a hindrance in my marriage - believe it or not, it's on my side not his! Proper communication is key. No matter how great your marriage is I feel you will get something out of this book (just skim through the parts that repeat itself).

I wish someone would have given it to me as a newly wed. It would have saved me a lot of trial and error, especially early in my marriage. The book states men need respect and women need love. How very very true!


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Tami on Fri Jan 29, 04:56:00 PM 2010 said...

Amazing how the holidays can get ahold of you and stop you from getting things done!

Following you back from MBC!

TheCrunchyWife on Fri Jan 29, 06:04:00 PM 2010 said...

Hi! I'm following you from MBC! If you get a chance, please stop by my blog :)

Jenny :)

The Kimbles on Fri Jan 29, 06:18:00 PM 2010 said...

I love book reviews! Following from MBC. :) -Victoria

JoeyRes on Fri Jan 29, 08:53:00 PM 2010 said...

If this would tell me how to get HIM to remember anything I tell him it would be worth its weight in gold!

Anonymous said...

I am following you back from MBC - FFF Group.... what a lovely blog you have.. I really enjoyed it.

Happy Mom Of 5

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice blog you've got here. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

Avril Kuree


The Language of Love & Respect - My Review

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