Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A War Was Waged - Chore Charts

A War was waged. For quite awhile we were at an impasse. But my knight in shining armor came to save the day.

I must admit, I was the one who invoked this battle to begin with, this battle in which I speak? Myself against 2 little princesses, 5 & 3. I woke up one morning and realized I no longer wanted to be under their rule, I no longer wanted to be their subject. So I formed an uprising. Okay I didn't form much because it was just me, but I knew I needed to get a handle on their behavior before they got older.

My knight in shining armor? Chore Charts!!! Freed me from my slavery!!!!

Who knew rewarding them with stickers for things they should be doing any way would work? I even reward them for their behavior. It may sound like bribery BUT I'm rewarding them and focusing on their positive behavior. I'm teaching them about responsibility and they have so much pride. Did I mention I am no longer their personal slave?

I printed up our chore chart for free Here but you can use google and find plenty of sites.
I hope chore charts have a wonderful impact on your life as it did mine :)

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Susan Fobes on Tue Nov 24, 06:53:00 PM 2009 said...

We used charts when my kids were toddlers and they worked fine. For some reason, though, we got away from them as the kids got older, and because of this I began sounding like a broken record (ie. Make your bed, pick up your toys, brush your teeth...) So, the charts are coming back. We are going to work on them over break.


A War Was Waged - Chore Charts

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